More Works By Adam Monture & Jeremy Freiburger Aluminum 2023
76 × 120 × 9.5 in 193.04 × 304.8 × 24.13 cm

About Bear

The majesty of woodland animals is celebrated in these striking metal sculptures by the Six Nations Mohawk artist Adam Monture. Monture’s beautiful paintings of woodland animals—deer, bears, wolves, turtles, loons and herons were re-imagined as 3-dimensional sculptures laser-cut from aluminum. Each animal and bird appears as a ‘double’—one image mirrors the other; the exterior sculpture painted a dramatic matte black with two animals facing one another. The sculptures come alive at night with LED lighting that can be programmed remotely to display a wide variety of colours. The Woodlands project was first installed in Hamilton as part of the city’s Winterfest celebration.

“That (installation) all started from the one painting, from the bear painting.” Adam Monture

A self-taught artist Adam Monture had created a series of paintings called “The Woodlands After Dark”; it started with ‘the bear’ as a collaboration between Freiburger and Monture. Freiburger works with Cobalt Connects, a non-profit that supports cultural projects. In collaboration with Freiburger, Adam Monture's paintings’ images were used to create these sculptures.