Aurora Borealis by Alex Cameron

Oil On Canvas
50 × 40 inches
127 × 101.6 cm
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About the Work

Fore, mid and back grounds of this vertical oil painting are scaffold onto which a celebration of textured red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet link post-painterly abstraction with the Canadian wilderness. The blasted foreground pines reinvented straight from the paint tube point across mauve water and white peaks towards a sky lit with the swirling rainbow shapes of the aurora borealis. Alex Cameron studied at the New School of Art in Toronto in the 1960s under Graham Coughtry, Gord Raynor and Dennis Burton. He worked as a studio assistant for Jack Bush and at the famed Mirvish Gallery in the 1970s. Cameron's work grew from these early exposures to abstraction evident in his early flat, animated areas of colour that here have given way to impasto. According to Nasgaard in Abstract Painting in Canada, what sets Cameron apart from his peers are his "unabashed sense of humour and his high spirits."

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