Last Light on Bay Finn Alex Cameron

Oil On Canvas
48 × 48 inches
121.92 × 121.92 cm

A silhouette landscape at sunset expands beyond the frame of this unique tondo by Alex Cameron. Cameron's (b. 1947, Toronto) 40 year career has been defined by a celebration of colour and texture that links post-painterly abstraction with the Canadian wilderness. Cameron studied at the New School of Art in Toronto under non-figurative painters Graham Coughtry, Gord Raynor and Dennis Burton. In the 1970s, he was a studio assistant to the late Jack Bush and worked for the famed Mirvish Gallery. Cameron's work grew from these early exposures to abstraction evident in his flat, animated areas of color that soon gave way to impasto. Bold texture including 'ropes' of pigment applied directly from the tube is a hallmark of Cameron's energetic landscapes. Cameron’s paintings have been collected extensively in Canada and abroad. Notable collections include the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Bank of Canada, and The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Art Collection.

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