Rockies Melt Lake by Alex Cameron

Oil On Canvas
60 × 60 inches
152.4 × 152.4 cm
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About the Work

Contemporary abstracted interpretation of historical Canadian landscape painting. A new interpretation of iconic images by the Group of Seven. Alex Cameron is celebrated as a well known contemporary painter with an exceptional outlook on the world. His oils, watercolors and early acrylics are in many museums, corporate and private collections and catalogues. Alex’s current work displays the virtuosity of an artist in his prime as he continues to create new abstract and landscape canvases that are among the best. Cameron studied at the New School of Art in Toronto under Graham Coughtry as well as Gordon Rayner, Dennis Burton, and Bob Markle. He worked as a preparator at the Art Gallery of Ontario and as a studio assistant for Jack Bush. Cameron was strongly influenced by Painters Eleven members William Ronald, Kazuo Nakamura and Ray Mead whose work Cameron much admired.

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