Intaglio 5/20

More Works By Alice Teichert Limited Edition 2013 33.25 × 40.5 in 84.46 × 102.87 cm $2,500

About Intaglio 5/20

Created on archival paper, this work is divided into two distinct and rectangular planes. On the left, flecks of cream peek through a thick wash of sky blue. This vertical sweep of cool colour ends in an arc, gently dripping down towards an expertly contrasted horizontal stripe of tawny orange. Teichert's dynamic composition on the left of the piece creates visual balance through complimentary colours, while also providing a bright antithetic design to the relatively monochromatic and energetic imagery of its counterpart. Soft, brown acrylic ink is bled sporadically across the right of the paper, creating watery forms that resemble floating land-masses. Small almost indistinct gestural marks sit behind  these geographical shapes, suggesting a linguistic element of script or notation.