Unstoppable Alice Teichert

Acrylic & Crayon on Canvas
66 × 50 inches
167.64 × 127 cm

A golden ‘tornado’ rises from a sea of turquoise in this mesmerizing new work by Alice Teichert. The Paris born artist uses layers of translucent coloured gels meticulously applied to naturally reflect light and create movement, depth and texture. A single pink dot is perfectly positioned as a focal point that anchors the work and encourages the viewer to look upwards. “My work has a lot of energy. Colour is a form of frequency to me. Colour is a form of music.” Alice Teichert She studied music, philosophy and visual arts in Belgium and France. Since 1989, she has built an international career with over 30 solo exhibitions in Germany, France, NY, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Teichert’s paintings are held in many private, corporate and public collections worldwide.

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