Azure Flow

More Works By Alice Vander Vennen Mixed Media 2022
19 × 49 in 48.26 × 124.46 cm
19 × 49 in 48.26 × 124.46 cm

About Azure Flow

Uniquely beautiful--Alice Vander Vennen’s modern sculptural wall hangings are inspired by both her family history and a strong connection to nature.
This eclectic, curated arrangement of materials –fine willow branches, textiles—new and archival, painted fabric, piano felts and polished copper is mounted on a canoe-shaped base. The collection expresses a compelling story about life’s journey.

“The narrative speaks of gathering the work of divergent cultures, histories, and generations. Materials from around the world, created by many hands, are represented in a single multimedia assemblage.” Alice Vander Vennen

She trained as a sculptor at Calvin College, USA and at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Alice Vander Vennen’s work is in public, private and corporate collections both here and abroad.