Cerulean Notes

More Works By Alice Vander Vennen Mixed Media 2024
19 × 49 in 48.26 × 124.46 cm
19 × 49 in 48.26 × 124.46 cm

About Cerulean Notes

When Alice Vander Vennen sits down to create a sculptural composition, she thinks of it as a visual poem—a story rich in history both personal and collective.
The Canadian artist’s beautiful, intricately detailed work is created using ‘found’ objects’—stones from the shores of Lake Ontario, quartz, pieces of textiles, and burnished copper assembled to form and adorn a canoe-like shape. This piece is named for the striking deep cerulean blue used as an effective accent—the colour inspired by the changing blue of Lake Ontario. These framed pieces can be hung horizontally or vertically.

“The colour fields in Cerulean Notes were created with various fabrics, including felted wool and pieces from an early 1800s hand-stitched quilt. Other textiles in this piece include hand-crocheted cotton, crafted by my relative during WWII when she was part of the resistance movement.” Alice Vander Vennen

Alice Vander Vennen trained as a sculptor at Calvin College, USA and at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her work is held in public, private and corporate collections both here and abroad.