Cerullian Channel Alice Vander Vennen

Mixed Media
Framed Size
21 × 61 inches
53.34 × 154.94 cm

Woven into the stunning details of every contemporary piece of art by Alice Vander Vennen are stories of loss, hope and courage. Alice is the daughter of Immigrants who left war torn Holland and it’s that journey and a strong connection to nature that inspires much of her work. With Cerulian the artist returns to a familiar theme as a canoe shaped vessel provides the platform for an imaginative array of copper, textiles, willow branches, piano felts and stones gathered from the shores of Lake Ontario. “I strive to have the materials form a new voice of a gathered people, a celebration of the human spirit in relation to its Creator, whether from secret spaces or the most flamboyant expressions.” Alice Vander Vennen She trained as a sculptor at Calvin College, USA and at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Alice Vander Vennen’s work is in public, private and corporate collections both here and abroad.

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