Totem Stone by Alice Vander Vennen

Mixed Media
60 × 22 inches
152.4 × 55.88 cm
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About the Work

Embroidered fabric pieces, selected smooth or shaped stones, copper thread and wire are assembled into four square format totems stacked in this unique framed wall sculpture. This work is narrative of detailed process, tactile materials and metaphor -- the stones within their intricate frames are totems, objects with significance. What they represent may be collective yet filtered through individual experience -- the stone shaped for use or made smooth by sand and water. This piece is framed behind glass. Alice Vander Vennen, born in 1957, in Canada, has worked as a professional artist since 1980. A child of immigrant parents who left war-torn Holland, Vander Vennen has used her art to capture stories of loss and hope; courage and strength. First trained as a sculptor at Calvin College, USA, with further training at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Vander Vennen now works in three-dimensional assemblage, participating in numerous exhibitions throughout North America. Her work is held in public, private and corporate collections in Canada, the US and abroad.

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