More Works By Alice Vander Vennen Mixed Media 2024
49 × 19 in 124.46 × 48.26 cm
49 × 19 in 124.46 × 48.26 cm

About Vessel

The art of assemblage—Alice Vander Vennen has mastered it by creating wholly original sculptural wall compositions. The Canadian artist uses ‘found ‘materials—a carefully curated collection of stones from the shores of Lake Ontario, polished copper, new fabrics, archival textiles and wood assembled to form and adorn a canoe-like form. These framed pieces can be hung horizontally or vertically.

“So much of my work celebrates the work of women's hands, often drawing on the narrative woven through the centuries of their creations. The form of the vessel symbolizes the gathering of this work, embodying the mysteries of these narratives. Beautiful, visible yet mysterious.” Alice Vander Vennen

Alice Vander Vennen trained as a sculptor at Calvin College, USA and at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her work is held in public, private and corporate collections both here and abroad.