Territorial Bird Ania Biczysko

Stainless and Mild Steel
132 × 48 × 48 inches
335.28 × 121.92 × 121.92 cm

Territorial Bird is constructed from stylized and highly reflective ribbons of stainless steel that change colour and luminosity with the surrounding environment. Abstracted, but recognizably bird like, the weightless effect of Biczysko's sculpture achieves the appearance of motion. Ania Biczysko is a Polish born and educated artist living in Toronto. Ania has been exploring energy, expression and gesture through a variety of media. Every work represents a new interactive journey which reliably promises an interesting and exciting outcome. "Intrigued by experimentation and novel approaches regarding the use of materials, I am fascinated with process and moved to create my own. My work effects a novel blurring of boundaries between colour and texture, abstraction and representation, sculpture and painting. I experiment with different techniques and materials to discover and reveal unexpected beauty. Ania Biczysko obtained a master's degree in Sculpture from Fine Art Academy in Gdansk, Poland. Over the years, she has participated in many exhibitions. Her works are in private collections in Canada, Dominican Republic, Monaco, Norway, France, UK, US. Her numerous art commissions include: The Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Hospital Association, Cineplex Odeon Corporation, Showcase Cinemas (US, Argentina and Great Britain), and the Ontario Lottery Corporation. Ania Biczysko curated several exhibitions for Gallery 7 (Toronto), as well as for the Canadian Polish Art Initiatives, an organization that she co-founded. "Every spring we are awakened by the joyful activity of birds. Although these creatures are relatively small, their presence is monumental and fills our sensorium. Their song, dance and behavior captivate and fascinate me. While some interpret this activity as biologically driven, others see it in a more romantic light. They represent freedom, paradise, and an ability to surpass boundaries. Their melodic calling awakens our spirit anew each spring. They are fiercely protective of their nesting area of the forest. Conceptually this sculpture represents this same sense of guardianship of the garden. This sculpture represents an environmental symbol for the protection of our changing environment."

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