Untitled No 41 by Ania Machudera

Acrylic on Plexiglass
48 × 46 inches
121.9 × 116.8 cm
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About the Work

Shadow cast from light through clear gel shapes on plexiglas creates a wreath pattern on the wall behind. The wreath is a symbol of unending life, strength, that here is manifested poetically in ephemeral shadow. The artist has stated: "I use Optics, the branch of physics, which involves the behavior and properties of light and reflection to emphasize the complexity of relationship between the conscious and the unconscious as materiality. I work like a scientist exploring hidden laws of the visible and the invisible process, always as presence, but not always understood." This work is hung using clean custom stainless ceiling or wall mounts. Ania Machudera was born in Poland where she has studied biology and primary teaching at the University of Lodz. Ania emigrated from Poland to Canada in 1990. At OCAD University, in Toronto, Ania studied drawing and painting and received her BFA in 2005. For the last 15 years, Machudera’s work has been shown in public and private galleries in Toronto and in Poland, and it has been reviewed several times in the Globe and Mail. She is exclusively represented by the Oeno Gallery.