Urn Anne O'Callaghan

Stainless Steel and Glass
72 × 60 × 60 inches
182.88 × 152.4 × 152.4 cm
5 of 5 available

Poetic and playful, this stainless steel and tempered glass outdoor urn reflects the environment and the changing light of day. Installed next to pond or river, the glass of the amphora shape creates the illusion that it is filling and emptying with water as the sun sets. This sculpture can be created in three sizes and is limited to an edition of 20. The work can be created at 4 feet, 6 feet (pictured here) and 8 feet tall. The individual urns are priced at $24000, $34000 and $48000 USD, or $95000 for the three urns as a set in different sizes. Commissions require 8-10 weeks lead time before shipping. The base requires a concrete pad, and the sculpture is bolted to the pad. The steel is polished stainless steel, the glass is heavy duty tempered glass. It has been installed in high wind, winter with ice and snow, and high heat situations and has remained totally stable.

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