A brief time away No 4

More Works By Aron Hill Acrylic and Ink on Canvas 2022
36 × 28 in 91.44 × 71.12 cm

About A brief time away No 4

The colours are bright—yellow, pink, deep blue, the shapes pure and the relationships dynamic. This is Aron Hill, a Calgary artist. In this playful composition swaths of transparent colour overlap, a sun-shaped form appears, white space plays off the colours and offers subtle contrast to the stark white of the raw canvas. Inspired by the form and colour of the French 20th century artist Henri Matisse and the renowned Canadian modernist Jack Bush, Hill’s engaging art is figurative—albeit both abstracted and minimalist.

“The idea of pureness in terms of colour and shape and that hard edge has always appealed. ” Aron Hill

They obtained a BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Alberta College of Art and Design and their MFA from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2006. They have exhibited across Canada and in Dubai. Hill’s work is held in numerous private and corporate collections.