Water Spirit by Aurthur Manyengedzo

67 × 12 × 12 inches
170.2 × 30.5 × 30.5 cm
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About the Work

Manyengedzo prefers to work in a semi-abstract style and his sources of inspiration are the natural world, Shona culture and the people in his life. Sometimes, he explains, the ideas come from his own imagination when he looks at the raw stone, at others he has dreams which direct him. He is a deeply spiritual man who believes his art is guided by ancestral spirits. Skillfully hand-carved, this smooth and sleek stone sculpture is quietly ornamented by intricate patterning around its base. The soft curves of Water Spirit culminate in a sharp, skyward peak defined by rough and rusticated edges, creating a dynamic juxtaposition in texture and form. This piece is also available with an additional stone base (measurements of the base are: 2" h x 16 " w x 18" d).

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