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Ben Woolfitt

Ben Woolfitt (b.1946, Oxbow, SK) began his artistic career in 1965 after studies at York University and Therafields which he joined in 1969.  A cornerstone of Therafields was the therapeutic expression of emotions, a theme which runs through many of Woolfitt’s artworks. After visiting NYC, where he drew inspiration from the work of Hofmann, Olitiski and Pollock, Woolfitt began exhibiting with Toronto dealer Olga Korper.  Woolfitt has continued to exhibit his luminous canvases in solo and group exhibitions and at the same time run a successful art supplies business. His work is held in private, corporate and public collections including the MacLaren Art Centre, Hart House at the University of Toronto, the Remai Modern and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

  Ben Woolfitt Paintings cover

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