Blue Paradise by Ben Woolfitt

Acrylic Polymer on Canvas
79 × 67 inches
200.66 × 170.18 cm
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About the Work

Gold and yellow-orchre drifts into the picture plane to merge with wisps, like smoke, of cobalt and sky blue. The thick, glowing surface of this acrylic polymer on canvas spills out over its frame with insistent exuberance. In his paintings, Woolfitt applies layers of acrylic over a period of time, even months, to create a dynamic, flowing impasto. Each painting is a narrative of the process of its creation, the experience of applying paint – how it moves, its texture, quantity. Woolfitt’s canvases are “at once inviting and intimidating, awesome and unsettling,” wrote New York art critic Donald Kuspit in Therapeutic Abstraction. Kuspit is publishing two books on Woolfitt’s artwork in the spring of 2018. Born in Saskatchewan, Woolfitt moved to Toronto in 1965 to study at York University. In 1969, he joined Therafields, an experimental psychotherapeutic commune where he attended workshops that helped forge his expressive artistic style. In the 1970s, Woolfitt exhibited with art dealer Olga Korper and ran a school of contemporary painting before launching a successful art supplies and framing business. Woolfitt's artworks are held in private, corporate and public collections in Japan, France, Beijing and Canada. His work can be found at MacLaren Art Centre, Hart House at the University of Toronto, the Remai Modern and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

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