Why do I need to soften the tune Ben Woolfitt

Mixed Media
14 × 22 inches
35.56 × 55.88 cm
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Lines embossed and burnished with black pastel on a charcoal ground underline and intersect with a long cloud of silver leaf in this intimate work on paper. Floating above are forked black pastel lines bracketed by a handwritten phrase "Why do I need to soften the tune for his ears?" with the date of June 20, 2017 and place that the work was completed, Toronto. The work is a moody rumination on an idiosyncratic and perhaps stormy moment. Born in Saskatchewan, Ben Woolfitt has lived in Toronto since 1965 when he came to study at Founders College, York University. In 1966, he made a trip to New York City and while there was introduced to the paintings of Rothko, Louis, Hofmann and Olitski. In 1978, Woolfitt established what became a very successful wholesale business, Woolfitt's Art Supplies. Wolfitt's artworks are part of numerous public collections including the MacLaren Art Centre, Hart House at the University of Toronto, the Glenbow Museum, the Remai Modern and more. This mixed media work on paper is framed.

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