You came to ask me about my future Ben Woolfitt

Mixed Media
14 × 22 inches
35.6 × 55.9 cm
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Ben Woolfitt has been a professional painter for over 30 years. Born in Canada, he divides his time between his studios in New York and Toronto. Ben has exhibited in Bangkok, Tokyo, the US, and Canada. His abstractions are created with acrylic on canvas, paper and plexiglass, and are often luminous as a result of layering several coats of semi-transparent high-gloss paint. His works on paper use mixed media and incorporate original and poetic fragments with simple imagery elegantly created with graphite and silver leaf. Woolfitt’s art can be found in collections in Canada, the United States, Japan, France, and China. This is one of a series of drawing and text incorporating graphite and silver leaf. There are several available in the series and they make a stunning grouping or series.

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