Summer Sun by Burton Kramer

Acrylic on Canvas
42 × 42 inches
106.68 × 106.68 cm
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About the Work

The color and sensibility of summer is captured in this composition of brilliant ochre and straw composed as rectangles around a central square of sunflower yellow in this acrylic canvas. Slender moss green rectangles at the four sides of the square are each capped with a precise line of sapphire blue; this motif repeats with violet at the outside edges of the canvas. This poised composition is a meditation on the intersection of music, color and form -- Kramer's lyrical abstractions "do not abstract the experience of reality, as we know it. They provide the viewer with an alternate reality, just as music often does." Here the experience is the summer sun. Like 20th century European painter Wassily Kandinsky, renowned for his experiments with synesthesia of color and music, Kramer explores the language of visual forms and sound. Kramer explores the synesthesia of colour and music not unlike 20th century European painter Wassily Kandinsky for whom: "Tone = Timbre; Hue = Pitch; Saturation = Volume." Kramer trained at Yale University (MFA), The Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology (BSc), The Royal College of Art, London (Fulbright Scholar) and The State University of New York, Kramer gained international success with a number of group and solo exhibitions in North America and Europe. He is one of Canada's most influential graphic designers. Notably, Kramer designed the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation logo in 1974.

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