Fingerprints of the Earth #1 V2

More Works By Chung-Im Kim Industrial Felt 2022
76 × 40 × 2.5 in 193.04 × 101.6 × 6.35 cm

About Fingerprints of the Earth #1 V2

Inspired by the ancient markings of imposing natural rock formations seen at an American National Park, Chung-Im Kim has created a new series of striking fabric wall tapestries. Kim painstakingly sews together small pieces of fabric that are pulled taut to create a 3-D effect in the design. The organic shapes and neutral tones mimic the shapes and patterns she observes in nature.

“In my mind patterns are everywhere and can manifest in many ways. Through them I want to explore the chaotic order resulting from many small pieces containing image fragments.” Chung-Im Kim

Born in Seoul, Korea Kim received her MFA from Seoul Women's University in 1984. Kim began her career working in the textile industry as a surface pattern designer while also running a studio in Seoul and teaching at a college before moving to Canada in 1990. She has been a resident in the Textile Studio at Harbourfront Centre, working in the design industry as a free-lance designer for more than fifteen years.