Mutation 7

More Works By Chung-Im Kim Industrial Felt 2015
30 × 16 × 4 in 76.2 × 40.64 × 10.16 cm

About Mutation 7

Fabric artist, Chung-Im Kim's series of felt tapestries called, "Mutation," are striking geometrical shapes that mimic the natural world. The artist has cut pure white felt fabric into irregular rectangles that are sewn back together with precise stitches into an organic grid.

"For me, patterns are hard to ignore as I encounter everyday life. Whether the source comes from nature, historical context or plainly created by me, working with patterns always gives me the thrill of entering a new world. A pattern can grow into a complex image jungle or a well-disciplined ornamental beauty." - Chung-Im Kim.

Kim was born in Seoul, Korea and received her MFA from Seoul Women's University in 1984. Kim began her career working in the textile industry as a surface pattern designer while also running a studio in Seoul and teaching at a college before moving to Canada in 1990. She has been a resident in the Textile Studio at Harbourfront Centre, working in the design industry over fifteen years as a free-lance designer, and is currently an associate professor in the Fibre Dept at OCAD University.