White Sand 1

More Works By Chung-Im Kim Industrial Felt 2020
26 × 27 × 1.5 in 66.04 × 68.58 × 3.81 cm

About White Sand 1

In this subtle but striking felt tapestry of white and gray, fabric artist, Chung-Im Kim mimics the natural shifting patterns of sand. Kim sews together small pieces of fabric, pulled taut to create tension in the design and a 3D effect.
"For me, patterns are hard to ignore as I encounter everyday life. Whether the source comes from nature, historical context or plainly created by me, working with patterns always gives me the thrill of entering a new world. A pattern can grow into a complex image jungle or a well-disciplined ornamental beauty." - Chung-Im Kim. Kim was born in Seoul, Korea and received her MFA from Seoul Women's University in 1984. Kim began her career working in the textile industry as a surface pattern designer while also running a studio in Seoul and teaching at a college before moving to Canada in 1990. She has been a resident in the Textile Studio at Harbourfront Centre, working in the design industry over fifteen years as a free-lance designer, and is currently an associate professor in the Fibre Dept at OCAD University.