Soritical Silver Dale Dunning

Powder Coated Machine Screws
30 × 19 × 10 inches
76.2 × 48.26 × 25.4 cm

Hundreds of machine screws are pressed and welded into the shape of a large spiky mask in this haunting sculpture by Dale Dunning. The wall mounted, silent face is powder coated in silver and glints in the light. The title derives from the Sorites paradox also known as the paradox of the heap. If a heap is reduced by a single grain at a time, when does it cease to be considered a heap? This work is unique, not editioned. "My sculptures are objects of reflection and contemplation. The head that I employ in most of my work is generic, non-specific ... I look on them as a mirror which reflects back the observer's experience in new combinations and associations." ~ Dale Dunning

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