More Works By David Sorensen Oil On Canvas 1996
24 × 24 in 60.96 × 60.96 cm
26 × 26 in 66.04 × 66.04 cm

About Kite

A celebration of bright, joyful colours, ‘Kite’ is an abstract painting by David Sorensen.
The Canadian artist painted several pieces using the classic grid pattern. This oil on canvas is rendered in a fresh, vivid modern palette—a yellow grid with violet, orange, indigo, golden brown, forest and lime green. The colours are layered—not pure which adds both depth and dimension to each ‘frame’. Sorensen admired and was influenced by the work of American abstract expressionists Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline.

“To me there is still this celebration worth the paint. And it’s about an open door that the artist used to call muse.” David Sorensen

Born in Vancouver Sorensen (1937-2011) studied at UBC and the Vancouver School of Art. His teachers were renowned—Arthur Erikson, Bill Reid and Jack Shadbolt. After moving to Montreal, he taught art at the Montreal School of Art, the Saidye Bronfman Centre and Bishop’s University. Sorensen, a member of the RCA exhibited all over the world. His work is held in numerous private, corporate and public collections.