Blue is My Colour Derya Ozparlak

Steel and Polyester
35 × 15 × 15 inches
88.9 × 38.1 × 38.1 cm

The slender figure of an elegant woman, long-haired, dressed in a skirt and heels appears to hang in mid-air, her waist tied to a large bouquet of blue balloons. Derya Ozparlak's, almost life-size series of metal sculptures uses the contrast between the weight of the metal and the airiness of balloons to express the artist's vision of modern-day life. Everyday figures appear to float away to freedom but the slender rope of metal that binds them to the balloons ultimately prevents their escape. "For my sculpture, those figures symbolize how the modern city life exposes citizens to a constant state of tension up to the point where the individuals are never free of their daily thoughts and anxieties." Derya Ozparlak Since completing a BFA from the Anadolu University in Turkey, Ozparlak has exhibited in group and solo shows in Canada and internationally in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon and the US. She now lives and works in Toronto. Ozparlak's highly detailed sculptures are held in private and corporate collections in Canada and internationally in Istanbul, Berlin and Capri.

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