You Are All You Have Got Derya Ozparlak

Steel and Polyester
43 × 25 × 20 inches
109.22 × 63.5 × 50.8 cm

A bouquet of brightly coloured balloons appears to lift a woman, dressed in a simple skirt and heels high into the air, her long locks flying behind her. Turkish born artist, Derya Ozparlak's hand-hammered steel sculptures are designed to represent modern capitalism, the culture that binds us to our work and limits our freedom. This tension between the earthly reality of the human condition and the lofty desire to escape is a favourite theme. "Since I began working in Canada, the metaphor of the balloon concept has developed. When I observed a downtown area, it was dominated by skyscrapers. I always saw the same problem with white collar workers. They were in a rush, working very hard so I said to myself, they are living in the invisible prison and that has never changed." -Ozparlak Since completing a BFA from the Anadolu University in Turkey, Ozparlak has exhibited in group and solo shows in Canada and internationally in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon and the US. She now lives and works in Toronto. Ozparlak's highly detailed sculptures are held in private and corporate collections in Canada and internationally in Istanbul, Berlin and Capri.

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