More Works By Doug Robinson Carrera Marble 2022
12 × 32 × 10.25 in 30.48 × 81.28 × 26.04 cm

About Samara

With Samara, sculptor Doug Robinson has captured the graceful curves of winged ‘keys’—seeds produced by a number of tree species.

Chiselled from white Carrara marble this table top sculpture features two ‘wings’ that frame the seed pod in the center. Natural rust-coloured and soft gray variations in the stone add to its character. As a young man, Robinson first came to Italy to train with master sculptors in the 1970s. The Canadian artist has lived and worked there ever since in a studio nestled amidst olive groves and next to the mountains where this famous marble is found.

“Carrara white at its best holds huge detail. Think of Michelangelo.” Doug Robinson

Doug Robinson studied sculpture at the Ontario College of Art and Design, the University of Guelph and in Italy. His work—sculptures in limestone, travertine and marble have been exhibited in France, Germany, London, Montreal and Prince Edward County, Ontario.