Bird Doug Robinson

6.5 × 12 × 7.5 inches
16.51 × 30.48 × 19.05 cm
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This small, 12 inch wide calling bird is carved from lightly grey veined marble into abstracted modern shapes that are polished and made smooth to the touch. Canadian sculptor Douglas Robinson has lived and worked in Pietrasanta, Italy, since 1979. He studied art and sculpture at the Ontario College of Art and Design, the University of Guelph and in Italy. Many of Robinson’s sculptures can function as either indoor or outdoor pieces. His work has been exhibited in Italy, France, Germany, London, Montréal and Prince Edward County, Ontario. His primary materials are limestone, travertine and marble. "With a stone in hand, you go far into the past in order to create for the future, you become part of the whole earth matrix between what is solid and what is fluid. Then you take the solid and carve something fluid again. You remain post modern, but you pay homage also to the Neolithic, the perennial archaic. All become neighbours on a pilgrimage laden with dust." "A chisel and hammer trail bringing forth the echo of bones and plants and animals, the curvature of life unexplored. Only the place between what you have made and what you wish to make seems unfamiliar, uncharted. But not for long. From the marrow of sheltering caves to the bone harp gasp of the Taj Mahal we move with stone to sculptures of the structurally unannounced." Douglas Robinson

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