Raven and Sun (Kwagulth) by Emile And Alison Kewistep Thibert

15.5 × 23 × 6 inches
39.37 × 58.42 × 15.24 cm
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About the Work

Wooden masks with the addition of paint, shells, metal, braided grass, corn husks and more are created for use in a variety of ceremonies in Indigenous cultures. The masks are powerful objects that represent mythological or supernatural beings. In the early 19th century Indigenous makers began to create masks that were not used for ceremony and meant only for sale. These were referred to as "trade masks". Today, mask makers are reconnecting with their traditions and reviving the practice of the powerful masks that are able to make the supernatural world visible in ceremony. Emil Thibert is a Northwest Coast Metis artist of Saulteaux/Cree/French heritage who grew up in Alberta and resides in Calgary. He studied Kwakiutl style carving from Carl Simeon of Campbell River, BC. This piece is inscribed with the names of both Emil and Alison Kewistep Thibert.

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