The Beauty of Change

More Works By Eric Tardif Mixed Media 2023
75 × 61 × 33 in 190.5 × 154.94 × 83.82 cm

About The Beauty of Change

Éric Tardif creates provocative and dynamic outdoor sculptures. The Quebec artist’s abstract work is designed to actively engage the viewer. This mixed media piece is shaped like a kaleidoscope and sits on an aluminum stand. The cylindrical body of the work is ringed in bright colours—orange, blue, red, green and white. The circular ‘lens’ is made from metal and glass chips in a rainbow of colours that mimics the capability of a real kaleidoscope to change form and colour by turning it.

“Like Buddhism's idea that everything is ephemeral, the kaleidoscope can be seen as a metaphor for life. …So looking at the beautiful through a kaleidoscope is a bit like a way of seeing life, we must take the time to stop to appreciate its richness and complexity.” Éric Tardif

Éric Tardif studied art and photography in high school, acquired a diploma in sculpture studies at the Quebec School of Sculpture, and continued his art studies at the University of Quebec. In 2016, he took an extensive course in cutting and welding. The recipient of numerous awards, Tardif has shown his sculptures in both solo and group exhibits. His work can be found in several public collections including the Royal Canadian Mint, and the Permanent Art Collection of the City of Ottawa and in many private collections notably, the American actor, Bill Murray.