Otter Carvings

More Works By Ewald Rentz Wood 1980 12 × 24 × 8 in 30.48 × 60.96 × 20.32 cm $3,800

About Otter Carvings

Hand carved wooden otters from the Anishinabek Nation of Manitoulin Island. Circa 1980. Otters are numerous in the area and play an important role as a celebrating and guiding spirit animal.

Ewald Rentz was born in North Dakota in 1908. He grew up on a farm in Manitoba with his five brothers and three sisters. Rentz apprenticed as a barber in Winnipeg and later moved to Beardmore, Ontario where he worked as a lumberjack, prospector, cook and finally a barber which he continued to do well into his 80s.

During his work as a prospector Rentz found unusual roots, branches and fungus. In his spare time he would coax the hidden forms out of the wood and fungus and turn them into sculptures. He used plastic, wood and paint to finish the pieces. Ewald Rentz created a variety of whimsical and often humorous people and animals including bellhops, matadors, and mermaids.

His work can be found in the Canadian Museum Of Civilization permanent collection and many collection across North America.