More Works By Fiona Ackerman Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 2021
57 × 71 in 144.78 × 180.34 cm

About Monarch

Three large orange flowers float across the canvas in this dream-like abstract painting by Fiona Ackerman. Set against a mauve-coloured backdrop and highlighted with a gestural line of royal blue and organic shapes in red, this collage was inspired by the 17th botanical illustrations of women naturalists.

“I realized that my botanical paintings were not really about nature but about my relationship to nature, my curiosity. My experience of nature as an outsider. About my hunger to understand nature. To feel at home in nature. My desire to love it and want to protect it rather than fear it.” Fiona Ackerman

Originally from Montreal, Fiona Ackerman studied painting at Concordia University and completed a BFA at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2002. She has held more than 20 solo exhibitions internationally. Fiona’s studio practice extends beyond painting to include several large-scale murals, video and other public art projects. In her free time, she writes and records music and videos, often working with other musicians. She currently lives and works in Vancouver BC.