Colonization Device 17090 Floyd Elzinga

48 × 84 × 48 inches
121.92 × 213.36 × 121.92 cm

Canadian artist Floyd Elzinga’s work merges iconic imagery from the Canadian landscape – the maple leaf, pine branch and pinecone – with pop art to create pieces that are playful and inspiring. Elzinga views the pinecone as a ‘colonization’ device that establishes itself in a natural setting. His pinecone is an exploration of the nature of seeds and highlights their aggressive regeneration. This long, sleek pinecone is made from a steel that naturally rusts, producing an orange-brown surface over time which allows the sculpture to resemble the object it’s modelled after. “Floyd does in three dimensions what the Group of Seven did in two, his style is particularly his own”. – J. Long Elzinga’s work has been commissioned for public and private spaces in Canada, the US and internationally. He holds a degree in Earth Sciences from McMaster University, a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Certificate of Art Fundamentals from Sheridan College of Applied Arts & Technology.

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