Pine Cone 23534

More Works By Floyd Elzinga Stainless Steel 2023
5 × 6 × 6 in 12.7 × 15.24 × 15.24 cm

About Pine Cone 23534

Sculptor Floyd Elzinga’s tabletop pine cones are exquisite in detail and emulate the natural form and colour of the real thing. Hand forged from stainless steel; the highly polished surface of these pop art pieces reflect light beautifully. Elzinga is continually inspired by the natural world that surrounds his Niagara studio perched on the escarpment. His work successfully marries an organic form with steel, an industrial material chosen for its strength, flexibility and beauty.

“I love the way light plays off the surface. (of my pine cones) ” Floyd Elzinga

Elzinga’s pinecone sculptures have been featured as part of Toronto’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche celebration of contemporary art, and his work is held in collections across Ontario and in the US. Elzinga received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, NS.