Suspended Pine Cone

More Works By Floyd Elzinga Stainless Steel 2020
92 × 49 × 24 in 233.68 × 124.46 × 60.96 cm

About Suspended Pine Cone

Canadian artist Floyd Elzinga’s work merges iconic imagery from the Canadian landscape – the maple leaf, pine branch and pinecone – with pop art to create pieces that are playful and inspiring. This long, sleek steel pinecone hangs from a hinge at the tip of a branch.

“Floyd does in three dimensions what the Group of Seven did in two, his style is particularly his own”. – J. Long

Elzinga’s work has been commissioned for public and private spaces in Canada, the US and internationally. He holds a degree in Earth Sciences from McMaster University, a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Certificate of Art Fundamentals from Sheridan College of Applied Arts & Technology.

The pine cone hangs from a hinge at the tip of a steel branch and the entire sculpture is bolted to a stone base -- for easy of shipping the stone base may be sourced locally. The triangular shaped stone base is 34 x 61 x 3 inches.