Unzip The Earth GEO 8/9

More Works By Floyd Elzinga Stainless Steel 2018
24 × 22 × 55 in 60.96 × 55.88 × 139.7 cm

About Unzip The Earth GEO 8/9

Canadian artist Floyd Elzinga’s rich imagination inspired this playful, pop-inspired, oversized outdoor zipper. Unzip the Earth has an oversized steel zipper handle and concrete brick teeth that give the illusion of ‘unzipping’ the hillside. This is number 8 in an edition of 9 and can be purchased on commission basis, please allow 8 - 12 weeks before shipping.

Elzinga’s work has been commissioned for public and private spaces in Canada, the US and internationally. He holds a degree in Earth Sciences from McMaster University, a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Certificate of Art Fundamentals from Sheridan College of Applied Arts & Technology.