Barcelona Bay 2 9/20 Francine Simonin

Drypoint, Etching and Collage
22 × 15 inches
55.88 × 38.1 cm

A collage of large strips of fine black and ivory paper is pressed into a white ground making a smooth surface. Onto this, the artist has printed etched and drypoint waves and architectural shapes in black and silver ink. Simonin moves fluidly between modes of creation merging collage and print in a unique, non-figurative image. Each print in this series is unique in that each ground is made in a different collage and the burr made from the drypoint technique -- the metal that lines the edge of each incised groove in the plate -- erodes and softens with each pull. Simonin typically creates only short editions of unique prints. Francine Simonin has worked extensively on paper -- printmaking and collage -- but also canvas during her long, successful career that began in the 1950s.

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