Paroles d'Ogres I 21/40 Francine Simonin

Lithography and Drypoint
36 × 25 inches
91.44 × 63.5 cm

The vertical composition of this print begins with a horizontal sweep of charcoal grey beneath a triangular shape in royal blue layered over a charcoal grey shape. Over the whole, black drypoint line drawings of leaf shapes and cryptic symbols that resemble letters and numbers represent the "lyrics of ogres." Ogres are monstrous hominid creatures in myth and folk stories that are predisposed to consume humans. A famous example of the Cyclops Polyphemus from Homer's The Odyssey. Simonin's intersects the title and forms of this print playfully as if imagining what the ogres might be moved to sing about. Francine Simonin has worked extensively on paper -- printmaking and collage -- but also canvas during her long, successful career that began in the 1950s.

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