Fugue 30/90

More Works By Friedel Dzubas Silkscreen Print 1984
30 × 22 in 76.2 × 55.88 cm
37.75 × 30 in 95.89 × 76.2 cm

About Fugue 30/90

In this silkscreen print by the American abstract artist Friedel Dzubas, a luminous swath of orange is complemented by a sunny yellow and streaks of turquoise, sky blue, cerise, black and bright red.
The German born artist was known for his lyrical expressions of colour—he was often associated with the colour field painters of the mid to late 20th century. He favoured acrylic paint over oil and often applied thick layers, scrubbing the paint into the canvas among other techniques.

In 1984, fourteen artists created artwork as part of an exhibition designed to celebrate the influential Canadian abstract artist Jack Bush. ‘The Heritage of Jack Bush’ was a carefully curated exhibition of work by artists who were inspired, mentored or who worked with Bush. The exhibition toured throughout Quebec and Ontario following Bush’s death.This is one of those pieces. Edition 30 of 90.

“Art is the only reliable constant in my life. There is nothing else.”
Friedel Dzubas

He first studied art in Berlin, (B1915-1994) but escaped Nazis Germany in 1939 and emigrated to New York City. There he shared a studio with fellow abstract artist Helen Frankenthaler and became friends with the renowned NY critic Clement Greenberg.
He was influenced by American artists such as Jackson Pollock but developed his own singular mastery of colour and form. He taught and lectured at several American schools including Cornell University and the School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He exhibited widely throughout the U.S. and his artwork is held in numerous collections including the Guggenheim and The Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC.