Dogman thought a bird in the hand is always better 1/50

More Works By Gillie And Marc Bronze 2022
4.5 × 12 × 4 in 11.43 × 30.48 × 10.16 cm
$1,200 USD

About Dogman thought a bird in the hand is always better 1/50

Fanciful and fun, Gillie and Marc’s art is designed to be accessible. Their popular hybrid sculptures are playful but love and an appreciation for the spiritual connection that humans share with animals is always part of the story. Here a reclining dogman figure observes a bird sitting on his hand. The proverbial saying, ‘a bird in hand is worth two in the bush,’ is referenced meaning that it is better to hold onto something than to risk losing it by trying to obtain something better. (Edition 1 of 50)

"We love having a message in our art.” Marc

The artistic couple enjoy a rare partnership as they are married and have worked together as artists for more than 25 years. Gillie and Marc are passionate environmental activists who have used their sculptures, paintings, and photographs to celebrate and save endangered animals. Every year, they donate thousands of dollars earned from their art sales to many international animal charities. Their work is exhibited and sold throughout the world.