More Works By Heidi Conrod Mixed Media on Canvas 2020
72 × 60 in 182.88 × 152.4 cm

About Dip

Against an azure blue background, pastel-coloured shapes are highlighted by a single bright white neon light. This is one of a series of engaging abstract paintings by Ottawa artist, Heidi Conrod. ‘The Charged Line’ investigates the dynamic relationship between light and space.

“Adding an electrical element to painting introduces notions of positive/negative chemical reactions (tensions which create the electric charge itself which powers the light).” - Heidi Conrod

Born in Montreal in 1970, Conrod attained her BSc in Biology in 1994 at the University of Ottawa. She studied painting and printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art and at the University of Ottawa. Heidi Conrod’s work is held in many Canadian galleries.