More Works By Heidi Conrod Mixed Media on Canvas 2022
60 × 48 in 152.4 × 121.92 cm

About Gingko

The stunning colour and form of this new abstract floral painting by Heidi Conrod is reminiscent of a Victorian botanical. Images of a flower, leaves, and seeds appear in turquoise, golden yellow, bright green, soft blue and white against a deep orange background. The composition is divided by Conrod’s signature strand of neon light –this one in bright orange that illuminates the piece, alters the composition and brings unusual depth to the painting.

“The unique colour combinations were influenced by the colour theorist Sanzo Wada, a Japanese artist and designer. Wada's 'book' of more than 300 complimentary colour combinations reflected the natural world and the changing of seasons.” Heidi Conrod

Born in Montreal in 1970, Conrod attained her BSc in Biology in 1994 at the University of Ottawa. She studied painting and printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art and at the University of Ottawa. Heidi Conrod’s work is held in many Canadian galleries.