Stray Heidi Conrod

Acrylic Paint and Neon Light
80 × 60 inches
203.2 × 152.4 cm

Pretty pastel-coloured shapes are defined by a striking line of neon light in this abstract work by Heidi Conrod. The Ottawa artist recently created a series of evocative paintings that use a hand-molded line of electric neon tubing to highlight and change the viewer’s perception of the canvas. “The Charged Line” is an exploration of the dynamic relationship between light and space. “Incorporated with Conrod’s palette, the bright yet soft lights feel at once romantic and somewhat eerie, often as if reproductions of a radiant midday sun or a warm sunset glow.” Born in Montreal in 1970, Conrod attained her BSc in Biology in 1994 at the University of Ottawa. She studied painting and printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art and at the University of Ottawa. Heidi Conrod’s work is held in many Canadian galleries.

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