Wander Heidi Conrod

Acrylic Paint and Neon Light
72 × 60 inches
182.88 × 152.4 cm

In this evocative work by Ottawa artist, Heidi Conrod, the soft light of an electric neon tube draws a line across her colourful abstract painting. This is one of a series of paintings Conrod recently created called ‘The Charged Line’ which juxtaposes light and space. “Inspired by the patterns of everyday life, such as graffiti, fabric, tiles, pavement, gardens, and pottery, the bright glass lights serve as an extension of the abstract forms painted on each canvas, which also forcefully interact with the colours of each painting.” heidiconrod.com Born in Montreal in 1970, Conrod attained her BSc in Biology in 1994 at the University of Ottawa. She studied painting and printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art and at the University of Ottawa. Heidi Conrod’s work is held in many Canadian galleries.

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