More Works By Hoffer Peter Mixed Media on Panel 2011 18 × 70 in 45.72 × 177.8 cm $7,900

About Resolve

Peter Hoffer’s landscapes have one foot in classic realism and the other in deconstruction. Hoffer uses mixed media on wood with high gloss resin – the imagery is rendered in realism but ultimately expressed as a modern commodity. These surfaces have been marked, scratched, cracked and seared. Like the terrain itself, the surface layers of these works are dynamic, and balance between the various states of season. The preciousness of the objet d’art, as well as the peripheral landscape represented appears to be rediscovered much like an artifact. Its apparent neglect through time, neglect or abuse, is salvaged and displayed. The markings on the paintings, inconsistencies in the resin and the unrefined finishing of the structure, allude to the elements found outside the Artist’s control. The result invokes a sense of abandon and a hint of a work in transition. Challenging this is the thick high gloss encapsulating surface, slick and precious in its packaging. These paintings draw attention to areas of the landscape that can be considered “less than spectacular”. As such, they force the viewer to search for landmarks or meaning. The paintings are perhaps less serene than works from the past. Being a bit more “painterly”, The works fluctuate between “rest” and “discontent”, optimistic in anticipation.