Six Rings Jake Goertzen

Stainless Steel
144 × 144 × 144 inches
365.76 × 365.76 × 365.76 cm

Canadian artist Jake Goertzen creates a symmetrical design with six stainless steel rings in this elegant outdoor sculpture. "The circle is associated with wholeness, symmetry, harmony, and well-being. It is a pleasing, symmetrical shape we see in the universe and in nature. A conference of concentric circles only amplifies these sentiments. This particular design is only one of several I experiment with, but all are pleasing to the eye." - Jake Goertzen This piece is the Artist's Proof from an edition of 20 and requires assembly onsite. Base plate measures 60" wide x 18" deep and is bolted to concrete. This sculpture is also available by commission. Sculpting in a range of materials, steel, marble, terra cotta and bronze, Jake Goertzen has completed commissions for realist and inventive abstract pieces now on exhibit across Canada in private and public locations. Goertzen has studied at the Brentwood Art Center, the Santa Monica Fine Art Studio, both in California and the Forum Art Studio in Winnipeg. In addition, he holds a BA in History and a degree in Engineering. Goertzen creates emotive sculptures both indoor and outdoor in a range of sizes from figurine to life size and monumental.

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