Green Landscape with Blue Tree by Jennifer Hornyak

Oil On Canvas
51 × 48 inches
129.54 × 121.92 cm
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About the Work

Dark and sombre figures set against a bright, mantis green field with blue sky and trees across the horizon. Hornyak speaks of wanting to capture a certain "pathos and frailty which exists in the human condition." Indeed, the works speak of a profound sense of human solitude, as figures wander through parks and public spaces, disconnected witnesses isolated by their interiority. Indeed, the profound emotional impact of the works emerge from the fertile meeting of conflicting impulses: the painterly desire to let paint itself convey meaning - Hornyak strives for increasing abstraction in her work - and the refusal to abandon the burden of the image - the human form. The artist successfully creates a liminal space between figuration and abstraction where poetic meaning and optic pleasure resonate.

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