Promenade II

More Works By Jennifer Hornyak Oil On Canvas 2014
51 × 48 in 129.54 × 121.92 cm
54.75 × 51.75 in 139.07 × 131.45 cm

About Promenade II

A hunched person in a coat and hat, depicted in painterly passages of moss green, grey, and black walks past a tall figure in red, red flowers and a bicycle exiting the picture plane in this oil painting on canvas. The picture plane of the layered, almost square composition tilts and flattens slightly enhancing the overall abstract direction of the cityscape.

Hornyak's paintings are inspired by modern French Fauvist masters such as Henri Matisse and Andre Derain. Dubbed "fauve" or wild beast by the media, these early 20th century painters were known for their vivid even potent colors and energetic brushwork.

Jennifer Hornyak was born in England where she studied at the Grimsby School of Art before coming to Canada. In Canada, she continued her studies at McGill University, the Musee des beaux-arts de Montreal and the Centre Saidye Bronfman.

Hornyak's work is represented in many private and corporate collections.